Value for our clients:

  • We show how potential attackers can exploit security vulnerabilities in your mobile app.
  • We help enhance the cyber security posture of your mobile app.
  • When testing, we pay special attention to the commercial value and context of your app in order to best assess the risks involved.
  • Our methodology is based on best practices and we follow internationally recognised standards.

The mobile app penetration testing service helps identify issues such as:

  • misconfigured security settings that expose user data and sensitive information
  • flaws in the functionality or business logic of the app resulting in server access and loss of revenue
  • authentication and authorisation errors that result in unauthorised higher permissions for users
  • inadequate filtering of user input, which makes the app vulnerable to injection attacks
  • incorrect storage of data that exposes sensitive information

Pre-engagement communication with the client


Intelligence phase


Attack modelling


Statistical and dynamic analyses


Performing sample attacks 


Preparing a report and presenting the results

Provide a safe and sustainable business environment for your company. We help build a resilient and reliable digital landscape, even in the face of changing threats.

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HR assessment 

HR assessment focuses on mapping the skills and increasing the competencies of the weakest link in cyber security: the users, the employees.

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Threat assessment

Threat assessment is a tactical and technical service that allows a company to get a quick overview of external threats.

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Maturity assessment

Maturity assessment helps plan IT investments and design further steps to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure better security.

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