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01.03 2022

Are your company’s IT systems secure?

Studies carried out by KPMG show that IT and technological sustainability and security of systems remain a challenge for around 80% of companies, and the level of their vulnerability is high.

“At the same time, surveys conducted among company managers show that they assess the state of their companies’ information systems to be fine. It is often not realised, however, that to assess the security of an information system, it is necessary to perform IT audits and penetration tests. Moreover, outsourcing IT services management to third parties and placing a large part of the infrastructure in a cloud does not mean that the service owner does not have to think about the security of their service. Our experience shows that the security level is often not what a client who uses contractors expects. The ultimate responsibility for the security of the service remains with the service owner,” Igmar Ilves, a cyber security expert at KPMG Baltics, says. Studies carried out globally also show that until now, most organisations have underinvested in IT security, which creates a fertile ground for cybercriminals’ activities and makes corporate information systems easy to attack.

To prevent and minimise such situations, we have developed a cyber maturity assessment (CMA) service, which offers great value to any company:

A CMA provides a comprehensive overview of an organisation’s capability to protect its information assets and respond to cyber threats; the assessment also focuses on people, technologies and processes.

  • High quality – the service is provided by the best of the best. We involve top specialists in the field in Estonia and the Nordic countries in the analysis of the responses collected during a CMA.
  • Broad scope – the areas assessed under information security range from cyber security to physical security.
  • Speed of delivery – the service is based on a two-hour interview, so it does not take as long as a standard IT audit (which can take weeks or even months).
  • The service is affordable for all clients, especially those who cannot afford traditional IT audits.
  • The service provides a reality check for companies that tend to think their information security situation is better than it is.

CMA enables significantly better planning of IT investments and further steps to remedy the company’s vulnerabilities, ensure better security, and rule out unpleasant and unexpected surprises related to information security.

Igmar Ilves
Senior Cyber Security Advisor
KPMG Baltics OÜ

Mihkel Kukk
Küberturvalisuse teenuste juht
KPMG Baltics OÜ

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